Club Platter


Serves 5 Three delicious toasted layers of cheese, tomato, chicken breast, bacon and homemade aoli



Asian Platter


Serves 10 people - 65 pieces

sticky chilli soy chicken wings, steamed pork buns, teryaki beef balls, thai vegetable puffs, spring rolls and samosa served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.    


Hot Food Platter


Serves 10 people - 70 pieces

A delicious selection of sausage rolls, harissa lamb dippers, party pies, chargrilled meatballs, beef empanada, mac n cheese cubes and garlic chicken balls served with tomato sauce


Vegetarian Hot Platter


Serves 6 - 6 pieces each

Spinach and feta triangles, jalapeno poppers, vegan fritters, vege balls, spring rolls and samosa with a soy dipping sauce


Turkish Finger Platter


Serves 4-5

A selection of delicious meats, homemade relishes and salad on fresh turkish bread fingers


Fruit Kebabs


Fresh, colourful and healthy


Bagel Box


serves 8

Four delicious flavours: blt, poached chicken siracha aoli and avocado, smoked salmon cream cheese capers and red onion, ham seeded mustard and swiss


Cold Meat and Salad Platter


serves 5
Salami, poached chicken breast and ham served with greek salad    


Roasted Med Veg Canapés


Mediterranean style roasted veg and fetta canapes.

Minimum 12 serves.